Travel Visas To China

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Those going to China for pleasure, travel, and tourism will need to procure a travel visa from the nearest Chinese consulate. These are located in most major US cities, and operate best by appointment. You do need to go in person to get your travel visa to China, as they do not accept applications by mail, telephone, or online. However, it is important to note that you can send an associate to apply in person for you--this is especially useful if you do not live near a Chinese consulate.

Before Leaving for China

A very important thing about getting a travel visa to China is that you need to make sure that you apply for the proper type of visa. If you are just traveling, you can probably only get a temporary visa--a permanent visa to China is very hard to get. The other kinds of visas you may apply for may include business visas or journalist visas. All Chinese visas are much easier to get if you have any family in China, so it is important to mention this if it is the case.

The only thing more important than getting the right type of travel visa is that you make sure you have your travel visa before you arrive in China. It is all too common for traveler to arrive in China without a visa, only to be fined and immediately deported. Exchange programs often suggest that they can have a visa waiting for a traveler upon arrival. This is never the case, and you should never leave for China (or any country) without your own visa.

The other thing to note about travel visas to China is that they are not valid for the entirety of the nation. Tibet and other politically active areas are strictly monitored, and to travel to these areas you must have special permission on top of other proper documentation. Violation of any laws while in China can result is revocation of visa and deportation.

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