Bolt Seals

Written by Robert Mac
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Bolt seals used to be the mainstay of security for trailers and large containers in the shipping industry, but in today's world of heightened security, they are no longer foolproof. For instance, bolt seals used to secure a trailer's handle to the container are susceptible to manipulation. A thief can remove the bolt, gain entry to the container, and replace the handle without any visual sign of theft.

In the shipping industry, theft is a constant concern; it eats away at a company's profits, and does so surreptitiously. Criminals cover their tracks so the theft can't be pinned down to a specific time or place. As long as a visual inspection of a storage container doesn't show any signs of foul play, it won't be investigated; thieves will continue to steal until authorities can track them down.

Bolt Seals Are Still Effective For Lower Security Applications

Since criminals have managed to work around bolt seals used in trailers, other security measures--such as cable seals that keep doors securely fastened, or devices that protect handle pins--have been developed. But a bolt seal is still useful; since it can contain vital identification codes, it can be used for authentication purposes. Also, a bolt seal is ideal for securing fences, barrels, and cabinets that aren't high-priority.

Seals have advanced in the last few years as the need for security has increased. You can now get a high security bolt seal with a flexible locking bolt of unique design: a claw-like locking spring within an all-steel bush latches onto the bolt. It's very strong, difficult to penetrate, and simple to use.

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