Container Seals

Written by Robert Mac
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Container seals run the gamut from cables to locks to tamper evident tapes. In today's security-obsessed world, the more protection, the better. As criminals get better--and bolder--you must take more precautions to deter would-be thieves from making off with your (or your customers') goods. An assortment of container seals makes the thieves' jobs harder.

In the world of shipping, goods are left unattended for long periods of time, far from where their journeys began and long from their final destinations; it is during these times they are most vulnerable to pilfering. Thieves like an easy target, and they steal so that no one even knows that a container has been entered. As long as their crimes aren't noticed--until much later, that is, when it's too late to track them down--they will keep at it.

Container Seals Make it Harder on Criminals

Any seal that's difficult to penetrate or difficult to conceal that it's been penetrated will discourage a thief. Instead, he'll find something that's an easier target. Some kinds of container seals work well because they give visual evidence that a container has been tampered with, meaning the thief hasn't been so secretive after all.

Tamper evident tapes and seals, for instance, reveal hidden messages when removed. While the thief thinks he's getting away with entering a container, he's actually indicating that a crime has occurred. Other devices such as seal cables also require the thief to "show his work" or simply convince him to move on to another shipment.

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