Custom Id Cards

Written by Michael Federico
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Custom ID cards can be designed for entire organizations or for specific members of those organizations. There are groups whose IDs all offer entry into the same buildings and same rooms. Gym members and high school students usually carry cards that are identical to those of all of their peers. The only difference is the picture, name, and ID number on the card. The amount of access that an ID card grants does not vary from person to person.

There are businesses, government organizations, and private clubs that afford different authority to different people. If this is the case, several different types of customized card can be used. For instance, every ID will be set up to allow people access to a building through the front door. All of the badges might even be customized to allow people to use them as debit cards in the cafeteria. However, people who hold a certain position in the organization will have cards that are further customized to allow them access to secured areas. Their IDs might also function as debit cards in an entirely different cafeteria.

Designing Customized ID Cards

Customizing ID cards can also be a purely aesthetic process. Companies and schools might want cards that are a particular color. They also might want to add an image or logo to the card.

Specific designs can be created on most ID software. This means that they can be produced by the organization itself. If a group does not have or does not want to have an ID system put in place, there are professional services that can create IDs with customized designs.

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