Fargo Id Printers

Written by Michael Federico
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Fargo ID printers allow businesses and organizations to do all of their ID printing on their own. Employee, visitor, and membership badges can be printed easily and rapidly. Some of the advanced Fargo units are even capable of equipping IDs with a variety of security measures.

Standard photo IDs are no longer enough for many companies. There are secured areas within the office that only certain employees should have access to. Security IDs can be encoded with specific information that has to be transferred to the ID reader before passage will be granted. It is possible to buy cards that are already encoded, but it is also possible to use ID software in conjunction with a digital Fargo printer to create the IDs in the office.

Models of Fargo ID Printers

Fargo printers come in a variety of different models. Each is designed to fit an organization's specific ID needs. Some are best suited for small companies that only occasionally need to produce ID cards, while others can handle even the largest printing jobs in a timely manner.

Fargo "C" series printers fit easily on a desktop and they can be taken anywhere. They are extremely easy to use. After plugging the printer in and turning it on, it is ready to go. The Fargo 500 series is made up of extremely fast printers. These are great tools for jobs that are highly demanding. Printers in this series can also be used to create IDs with micro print, image ghosting, and other features that make cards extremely difficult to duplicate. Even the most complex Fargo printers come with easy-to-use software and LCD displays that constantly inform the user of a job's status. Anyone who can use a computer should have no problem using any of the Fargo ID printers.

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