Id Badge Systems

Written by Serena Berger
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A basic ID badge system will have a badge printer and software to design the badges that you want. There are a number of possible additional features that can make your badge system more comprehensive. You many want to be able to print different badges for employees and guests, and you may want to be able to custom design badges.

Software Packages for ID Badge Systems

The software is a very important part of your ID badge system. A flexible program will be able to design all kinds of badges. However, before you purchase any ID system, it is important to check that it can perform all the functions you desire.

You also want software that is compatible with most of the common office software programs. Being able to import from an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database is probably the most important function for your badge making software. You can also find software that works with MySQL, FoxPro, and Dbase.

For employee badges, you may also want to be able to import photographs. Some programs will allow you to take pictures and upload them immediately from a digital camera. Others will allow you to edit photos in Photoshop or one of the other visual media software programs, and then click and drag to import them onto ID badges. Still others allow you to manipulate and edit pictures once they are uploaded into the ID software package. Whatever your needs, you should be able to find a software program that will enable you to make ID badges for your employees and guests.

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