Tamper Evident Bags

Written by Robert Mac
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Tamper evident bags are ideal for anything that requires the utmost in security, including cash, evidence, prescription drugs, and important documents. With sequential numbering on the bags and receipts, it's easy to keep track of what went where. You can even add computer chips to some tamper evident bags if that degree of technology is required.

Tamper Evident Bags Come in All Sizes

You can get secure bags nearly eight feet high and 40 inches wide for any and all goods that need to be protected from tampering. By using special tape closure systems that indicate when a bag has been opened, you can visually check the security of whatever you're working with. Some bags cannot be opened with gas, Freon, or heat without indicating that an illegal attempt was made.

Pharmaceutical companies use tamper evident bags in clinical studies; they need to know that specific subjects tried specific drugs and require a method to keep their testing material separate and secure. Hospitals also use these bags to keep important prescriptions and records together without fear of tampering. Some computer companies use these bags to keep static-sensitive components, like motherboards, protected from casual contact.

These bags are also ideal for cash collections. Theaters, banks, and stores use them to collect cash and receipts; once sealed, any unauthorized tampering is obvious and visually apparent. Likewise, police departments use them to keep evidence secure from any kind of alteration or illegal tampering.

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