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Taser C2: The Personal Safety Equipment You Were Waiting For

Written by lylapainter
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Taser C2 functions by interrupting the electrical impulse of the nervous system, overloading the muscular impulse.

The Taser C2 has a near 100% effectiveness rating and according to the manufacturer has a higher incapacitation rate the 9mm hand gun. The assailant receives 50,000 volts of energy that travels down the wires into the two probes. Some of the salient features of Taser C2 are:

1. Sleek, ergonomic non-gun design. Provides easy handling making it one of the most popular TASER for public use.

2. Small, lightweight and easy to carry. Ideal for carrying anytime anywhere.

3. Lithium Power Magazine enough for over 50 applications. So that it doesn’t desert you when you need it the most.

4. Available in nine designer colors ranging from basic black to leopard skin. So now you can have the best self defense weapon and that too in a shade that suits you the best.

5. Incapacitates the attacker within a range of 15 ft. (4.5 m). Enough until you are the attacker.

6. 30 second cycle to escape unsafe situations

7. Integrated LED light for dark environments plus Optional laser light for psychological advantage and precision accuracy

8. Trigger safety cover prevents accidental activations. And you can also have the holster to carry it around.

9. Unique Anti-Felon Identification (AFID) tags make it possible to identify the Owner. The Taser C2 cartridges contain 20 to 30 AFID tags that are ejected from the cartridge when a TASER is used. The AFID tags are unique and police can use these to determine the owner of the TASER in case the TASER was wrongfully used.

10. Even if an attacker is touching you when you use the TASER C2 you will not receive a shock. The energy is high voltage and low wattage therefore the current can not travel from one to the other.

Tasers are Non Lethal and it is court proven fact is that not one person has died from a Taser. A Taser is not a firearm. In 1994 & 1998 the ATF stated Tasers are non-firearms. You can carry the C2 out in the open on your purse or belt if you like.

It’s simple to own Taser C2. Decide to buy one for yourself and your wife (or your partner) order Taser C2 online. Get it delivered right at your door step. Get your background check completed. Get your activation code to get your TASER C2 working, and voila you have the self defense product ready to save your life.
But don’t forget to practice using it but not on others and checking the Laws in your state for any restrictions.

Taser C2 is a great Non Lethal alternative to firearms especially for the people concerned about having a gun with children in the home.

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