Trailer And Tractor Brake Locks

Written by Robert Mac
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Trailer and tractor brake locks keep unattended cargo or vehicles from being surreptitiously moved. Theft is a serious concern for the shipping industry, especially when tractors have unhitched their trailers and both are unattended. Any one with the right tools and know-how can access the brake system, making it easy to steal.

Using trailer and tractor brake locks makes manipulating the locks much more difficult--if not impossible--for would-be thieves. Discouraged, they will undoubtedly seek an easier victim, keeping your cargo and truck safe. Anything that deters a criminal will help you in the long run, and the upfront costs for this protection are much less than replacing an entire cargo load.

Different Kinds of Trailer and Tractor Brake Locks

It takes about 90 seconds to steal an unmanned tractor, losing the shipping industry millions of dollars every day. A tractor brake lock that cuts the air line to the tractor's air brakes--and the trailer's, if it's hooked up--deters criminals from trying to move an unattended tractor. Releasing the brake system is the only way to move a tractor, so disabling the system means the rig can't be taken.

Other trailer and tractor brake locks keep the trailer immobile, making it nearly impossible to steal. By attaching a lock to the glad hands that access the air brake system, you can effectively lock the air to the brakes; thieves won't be able to move the trailer at all. These locks are both physical barriers and visual deterrents to people looking to steal.

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