Visitor Log In Systems

Written by Serena Berger
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Logging visitors into a building is often the job of someone who has many other duties. An efficient system must let that person log visitors into the building quickly and accurately, allowing visitors to progress to their meetings in a timely fashion while also maintaining records of guests. If passes, sign-in sheets, and registration for visitor parking are each kept in separate logs, it can become a hassle for a visitor to wait while each form is completed.

Efficient Solutions for Logging in Visitors

Business solutions exist that combine some of these steps and materials. Log in systems and visitor passes can be combined using specialized boards that allow you to log in a visitor and simultaneously fill out a visitor pass for him. Not only will your employee benefit from such a sign in system, but visitors will also appreciate the speed with which they are signed in, allowing them to conduct their business without any hassle.

The most economical system consists of a sheet to log in multiple visitors. This also has the advantage of not needing to be replaced as quickly as single log in sheets. If confidentiality is a primary concern, however, you may still be better off using single log in sheets that can be filed after each visitor is logged in.

There are two main types of badges that should be considered. Adhesive badges are intended to be applied directly onto visitors' clothing, opposed to clip-on badges, which are attached with a metal or plastic clip. While both types will work well with a visitor log in system, you may want to consider offering options to your clientele as adhesive badges can damage finer fabrics, but clamps might be more damaging for others.

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