Visitor Management

Written by Serena Berger
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People often focus on the security issues relating to visitor management, and they miss the potential for customer service opportunities. Obviously, you want to keep your employees and other guests safe, which means you want to have some protocol for checking and identifying visitors to your facilities. You also want to protect your assets and resources, which means you have every reason to check people who are coming into and out of your building.

There are many simple and effective methods your company or institution can adopt to streamline visitor management. Logbooks, identification badges, and self-expiring badges are just a few of the methods used to keep track of visitors. However, safety is only one of several purposes these visitor management techniques can fulfill.

Tools for Visitor Management

You can use some of the same tools that help build security to improve your relationship with clients and visitors. Service-related buildings such as schools and hospitals, in particular, rely on gifts, donations, and community support in order to provide the best possible services for those who need them. You can use the visitor log-in procedure to get information that will help you build a relationship with your guests, potentially turning them into future resources.

If someone has cause to visit your school or hospital, presumably he or she is an individual who could feel invested in your work. Something as simple as getting an email address, mailing address, or phone number when guests log in will enable you to contact them in the future about how they could get more involved. If you have specific information about whom they were visiting, you are even better equipped to give them relevant information or make reasonable requests of them in the future.

A visitor coming to see a student in a class play, for example, might be prevailed upon in the future to give time or money to support arts education in your school. A guest visiting a patient in cancer recovery will be an individual likely to understand the importance of cancer research. While security is understandably your first priority in visitor management, it need not be your only focus.

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