Expandable Asp Batons

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Recently, expandable ASP batons have replaced traditional tonfa-style batons in many different law enforcement agencies. There are a number of reasons that those agencies made the switch--size, style, ease of use, and improved public image are all cited as advantages to using ASP batons. They are available from almost every equipment supplier, and come in a variety of models.

Some Varieties of ASP Batons

First off, Standard-style expandable batons come in two different finishes: blackened chrome and polished chrome. They are used by many different police agencies across the country, and valued for their weight, extreme durability, and comfort. They have a strong foamed vinyl grip that resists wear and slippage.

Federal and Electroless models are constructed for slightly more heavy-duty work. The Federal model has an injection-molded grip built into the baton, and is available in black chrome. The Electroless model is manufactured from stainless steel, which resists corrosion and other forms of water damage.

APS also manufactures two styles of lightweight expandable batons. The Airweight and Duratec styles both feature a shaft that weighs nearly half as much as the Electroless model. Both are extremely durable and effective, but may not be as appropriate for duty use as the other models.

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