Hunting Knives

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Some hunting knives are some of the most versatile types of knives available on the commercial market. They are often large knives that are packed with a number of secondary and auxiliary features. While they may not be as easily concealed as small folding knives or tactical knives, they usually feature a number of extras that make them perfect for hunting and survival in the wilderness.

Basic Features of Hunting Knives

The blades on hunting knives must be able to withstand rugged, heavy usage without breaking or dulling too quickly. Most hunting knife blades are made of strong stainless steel, and many feature a "saw-back" edge opposite the normal blade edge. Many survival and hunting knives include a sharpening stone in the scabbard to keep the knife as sharp as possible.

Other extras are often built into the scabbard as well. Heavy-duty pockets for gear such as a can opener, fishing hooks, line, and snakebite kit are available on some models. Many hunting knife scabbards are made form either thick, protective leather, or tear-resistant, waterproof nylon.

Some models even have extras built into the handle of the knife. In one example, the hollow handle stores miscellaneous items such as fishing sinkers and matches, and the butt cap doubles as a compass. Some knives are illegal in certain states, so be sure to check local restrictions before purchase.

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