Pepper Spray Key Chains

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the most common uses for pepper spray is personal self-defense. Pepper spray key chains are designed to be the most convenient and effective self-defense tool around. They are easy to carry, unobtrusive, and can be used without and real training, making them perfect for people who need a little bit of extra personal security.

Most pepper spray key chains measure less than four inches in length. Their petite size does not mean that they're any less effective than larger units, however. They generally pack anywhere from 2,000,000 to 5,300,000 SHUs, which is enough heat to disperse riotous crowds.

The pepper spray mix on many key chains also includes some sort of UV dye. The dye is invisible to our eyes, but is perfectly visible with the right kind of equipment. Moreover, the active ingredient in most pepper spray mixtures isn't water soluble, which means that it cannot be simply washed off of the skin.

Other Kinds of Self-Defense Key Chains

While pepper spray key chains are perfect remote deterrents, some people may also want something that can help them ward off would-be muggers in a contact situation. Kubotans and other baton-type key chains, when used properly, can turn an ordinary key chain into a great defensive weapon. Small personal alarms, flashing lights, and plastic knuckle duster-type key chains can also help deter attackers.

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