Police Handcuffs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Unlike much of the gear used by police in the field, police handcuffs haven't changed very much in the last 50 years. While most gear goes through frequent design and material revisions, handcuffs have largely remained the same since the first quarter of the last century. They feature two cuffs chained together with welded chain links, and use a ratchet mechanism to close the cuff and keep it closed.

One innovation to slightly alter standard police handcuff design is the double locking system. This system allows the cuff to be locked at a certain radius, preventing the bound person from tightening the cuff to the point of injury. Along with locking the position of the cuffs, double locking makes the handcuffs more difficult to pick.

Other Varieties of Handcuffs

Along with police handcuffs, suppliers may also carry other types of cuffs. Some cuffs are designed to restrain movement even more than police handcuffs. Hinged handcuffs use a large metal hinge in place of linked chains, which offer much less flexibility. Some newer hinged handcuffs also have a lock that, when activated, prevents the hinge from moving.

There are other varieties of handcuffs available as well. Some cuffs, if attached to a waist chain, can offer restraint for more serious situations. Oversized cuffs, thumb cuffs, and leg cuffs may also be available.

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