Tactical Folders

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Tactical folders, or tactical folding knives, are multipurpose knives that are designed with convenience and versatility in mind. Most contemporary tactical folding knives are crafted from strong, durable materials that resist wear even under heavy usage. In general, tactical folders are a little smaller than non-folding knives, which make them ideal for people who are looking for a great personal knife.

In many cases, tactical folders measure less than five inches when folded. They usually feature a tough, ergonomic handle that is easily held, and may be coated with a high-tech, grip-improving polymer such as Kraton. Many also have heavy-duty metal thumb flips.

Details Set Tactical Knives Apart

In many cases, it is the small details that set quality tactical folders apart from standard folding knives. For example, the Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. knife features performance-enhancing details such as hex head screws that are more adept for field use than normal screws. The hex design also makes the screws less prone to stripping under frequent use.

The blades on many tactical knifes is broken down into different areas, each of while may have a different edge. The most common design is a half-and-half design that features a sharp, pointed tip with a serrated edge closer to the handle. This allows the knife to saw through tough substances just as easily as it can slice though others.

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