Bug Detectors

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are many uses for bug detectors. The most obviously benefit is that a bug detector will alert you when there is a telephone listening and/or recording device attached to the phone or phone line. This is useful for people who deal in sensitive information. For example, a lawyer might use one of these detectors on his business or home phone to help maintain attorney-client privilege.

Other Uses for Bug Detectors

Depending on the price and sophistication of the bug detector, there may be a number of additional features. The less expensive line tap detectors can also provide protection for your fax machine and computer modem. When either the fax machine or computer modem is in use, the other extensions will be automatically shut off to disallow interruption.

There are also more expensive high-end bug detectors available. These detectors can identify if a recording device has been placed in the telephone itself or on phone lines on the premises. Some can even trick the taps into deactivating. These are the most expensive bug detectors.

When a bug detector deactivates a telephone or wire tap, it does so in a number of different ways. If the tap works on the voltage sensing principle, where the tap is activated when it senses a change in the voltage when the phone is on the hook or off the hook, a telephone analyzer can regulate the voltage and make it appear as if the telephone is always on the hook. Another way to neutralize a phone tap is to produce a constant tone on the line. If the recorder is voice activated, the device will record continuously and fill with useless noise. Either way, the effect is the same, the listener will not be able to eavesdrop or record your conversations.

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