Computer Dvr

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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A comprehensive video surveillance system consisting of camera, transmitter, and monitor is not complete without a recording device, and the best recording devices available are digital video recorders (DVR). Now business owners and managers can watch what's going on at the shop from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. New DVRs can record several months of video versus the 24-hours that was common with most tape systems.

Computer DVRs capture all of the capabilities of a standard system such as color quad processors, motion sensors, pan controls, CCTV camera connections, and more. This technology is also available for residential use and is becoming more widespread as prices come down and use of the innovations is less complicated. An exciting development in the field of video surveillance is the ability to keep track of what's going on at the store just by looking at your handheld!

PC-Based Systems

Newer PC-based DVR systems come with professional features but can be priced for residential use. They all come with remote monitoring capability, and they all reduce the need for human monitors onsite. They can be combined with CCTV units, hidden wireless cameras, and any transmitter that can be attached by modem to the Internet. As noted above, one of the biggest advantages to a PC-based system is its recording capability encompassing months of recording on discs.

For parents who leave their children with a nanny or other child care provider, a DVR system can provide peace of mind that they can't get any other way. By the way, this type of home observation can also be applied to the elderly and to pets as well. Progressive day care centers are now including video monitoring as an option for families who choose that child care option. Computer DVR offers a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to safety.

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