Computer Video Surveillance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Video surveillance is designed to obtain visual information about suspicious or dangerous activities, criminal actions, or to simply track what's going on at a site. If there is real-time monitoring, there is even the possibility that a criminal can be apprehended before he/she has the opportunity to get away. In addition, archiving the video on discs makes the information readily available when it is needed.

Computer video surveillance allows you to record and view what others are doing on the computer and on the Internet. You can record email activity, chat room conversations, and Instant Messages. You can also do remote monitoring simultaneously with recording. Employers can even capture all emails containing specific keyphrases and can view them within seconds of their original transmission. Best of all, the cost of such programs is minimal compared to the losses you will eliminate.

Uses of Computer Surveillance

With inexpensive software taking the place of complicated video surveillance equipment in some applications, you can be sure that your business is protected from employee abuse of privileged information. You can also make sure that your workers are spending their online time on behalf of the company. Computer surveillance software also allows you to access the information you need from remote sites such as your home, your hand held, or when you are traveling.

Residential use of computer surveillance can help you protect your family, especially younger, vulnerable children. Because you can access copies of all Internet activity, you can monitor your children's interactions, and you can make the final decisions on who they should be talking to and when. The peace of mind that comes with being able to protect your children is worth much more than the cost of the software.

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