Counter Surveillance Equipment

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Recently, you have noticed that your competitors have information about your products almost before you do. In some cases, the data is so specific it could only have come from someone in your company. You have no way, however, of determining whether a valuable employee has begun selling your information or whether an outsider has entered your premises and planted bugs in strategic places.

You have a serious dilemma. You don't want to risk highly skilled and valued employees by making unverified accusations. At the same time, you cannot afford to have someone else knowing as much as you do about what is going on in your project development department. You may be wondering how you can possibly solve this problem.

Counter Surveillance Equipment Online

There are a lot of companies selling surveillance equipment on the Internet. Naturally, there are almost as many companies who offer a combination of surveillance equipment and counter surveillance equipment. The latter is keeping pace technologically with devices designed to garner valuable information without detection.

Counter surveillance devices are generally designed to detect the presence of high-tech radio transmitters. Most of them are used by "sweeping" an area, but others can function by being attached to specific items such as telephone wire boxes or phones. These devices can detect illegal wiretaps. There is even a wireless video transmission detector that can block images from reaching receivers. You should discuss your suspicions with a live representative at one or more websites to determine which types of counter surveillance devices you need and to find the best prices.

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