Covert Cameras

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are a number of uses for hidden cameras in both domestic, as well as business situations. In a home setting, using a hidden camera allows you to monitor what happens in your house when you are away. In case of any wrongdoing it can also be useful evidence in court.

Uses for Covert Cameras

There are many situations when a hidden camera can be useful. For example, you could keep an eye on your child care provider to make sure he/she is interacting with your child in a manner in which you approve. You could watch a housekeeper or cleaning crew to make sure they are not damaging or stealing your belongings. If you are doing remodeling, you could watch a construction crew to make sure they are not slacking off on your dime. You could even watch your home when you are away to make sure you haven't had any break-ins. The uses are endless.

In a business setting, hidden cameras can also be useful. When employers are away, a hidden camera can be their eyes in the office. They can watch employees to make sure they are doing their jobs appropriately. They can also protect against industrial espionage and ensure the security of important documents. If you deal in sensitive information and/or have had break-ins in the past, a hidden camera could not only catch the culprit, it could make sure he/she is brought to justice.

In a retail situation, a hidden camera can guard against shoplifting and other criminal activity. You often see signs notifying shoppers that the premises are under surveillance. These are most typical in large department stores, but because these cameras are so affordable, they can and should be used by smaller boutiques as well.

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