Covert Wireless Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Covert wireless cameras have come a long, long way. Anyone looking back at the last 20 years of imaging technology would never have imagined spy equipment that is so compact and effective as what we are seeing on the market today. It boggles the mind, and the technology is only going to improve.

Covert Wireless Cameras are Only Getting Better

Small, covert wireless cameras can transmit color or black and white video as far as 1,000 feet under ideal conditions without interference. Small yet durable and stable wireless security cameras can run from battery packs or be plugged in. The standard battery for this equipment lasts around five hours on their own.

Battery power is more important that people realize because increasingly, advances in batteries have not kept pace with advances in wireless technology. Some systems can use up a lot of juice. If you are running off battery power alone, that will mean a lot of switching batteries, costly both in time and money.

Often shoppers for covert wireless cameras will see the same product with different specifications, like its signal - 900 or 434 MHz. Check to see what product would fit under your specific conditions. That way your home video cameras will be optimized to catch whatever wrongdoings occur under your domain.

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