Covert Wireless Cameras

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The covert wireless camera is one of the most popular pieces of spy equipment these days. It is a device that is shaped like an ordinary piece of home or office equipment with a tiny camera hidden within. They are so discreet that they are nearly impossible to detect. Therefore, they are nearly impossible to disable.

How a Covert Wireless Camera Works

The beauty of the wireless camera is that it adds to the illusion of the hidden camera. If there were wires coming from a teddy bear it would be pretty obvious that there is something up with that teddy bear. Having the camera and the transmitter contained within the unit protects the integrity of the rouse.

Within the device, there is a transmitter that will send the images to a separate receiver. That receiver can be connected to a television, a VCR or a digital video recorder. The transmitter and the receiver can usually communicate up to a 150 foot range. This means that the camera could be placed in separate room from the receiver. This is a great feature because having a recorder on in the same room as the camera could give away the deception.

To power these devices you can choose one of two options. If the device is something that would be plugged into a wall, then you could choose to simply plug the DC power supply into any standard wall outlet. However, if the device is something that would not typically be plugged in, like a teddy bear or a plant, you can choose to power the camera with a battery pack. This will likely provide four to six hours of recording time, so if that is not enough, you should consider a different device.

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