Digital Room Recorders

Written by Ivan Gale
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Digital room recorders are part of the brave new world of spy equipment, whether for personal or professional purposes. Like the name suggests these items can simultaneously record different cameras in a room. That leaves you to worry about other things that call your attention, rather than worry about several different cameras and their recorders operating independently.

Digital Room Recorders can Come with a Truckload of Memory

Digital room recorders convert video into a digital code, and then record the images onto a hard drive. This hard drive can even be removed, allowing you to transport this precious cargo when you need to. Digital surveillance systems can take upgrades, much like personal computers.

Care for another 120 gigabytes of hard drive, on top of the 120 gigs that you already have? No problem,
digital room recorders can handle it. A host of special features make these recorders especially popular for both the hardened pro and the newcomer to surveillance gear.

Live viewing, play back mode, multi-screen display mode, motion detection capabilities ... the list goes on and on. That's why online retailers have begun selling these items online. Once the domain of specialty shops and mail-order catalogs, nowadays anyone with a modem and a mouse can purchase this gear almost instantly.

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