Digital Spy Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Nowadays the term digital spy cameras can conjure up a standard cell phone as much as it does James Bond honing in on his evil villain counterparts. What is going on in the world of digital spy cameras? The answer is everything under the sun.

Digital Spy Cameras Can be Found in the Most Unlikely Places

There are covert spy cameras that fit into smoke detectors for both downward and side view. There are hidden cameras that fit into a book or a pen. Think that exit sign is just a normal sign? Think again, it could be spy equipment!

Digital spy cameras can take the form of a desk clock, a wall clock, or even a tissue box. That pager you see on your colleague's belt may be recording you without your knowledge! A camera can be made so small using modern technology, it can be fitted to see through the eye of a working button.

Digital spy cameras can also take the form of a regular pair of eyeglasses, or even a normal-looking VHS tape. But the one that takes the cake is a camera made into a portable stereo, the so-called "boombox spy camera." What could be better than playing some funky tunes while having the pleasure of catching people stealing from you behind your back?

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