Digital Video Surveillance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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While the vast majority of existing video surveillance systems are based on video tape technology, major tech corporations are jumping onto the digital video surveillance bandwagon knowing that this is the wave of the future. Offering such options as the ability to integrate video surveillance with in-place security measures such as badge reading, digital technology is creating a giant leap in the security industry.

Currently, this technology is targeted towards major users such as corporations, government entities, transportation, and the retail sector. Some of the manufacturers of the new digital products are considering getting into the design and consulting areas of the field as well. Digital technology support also includes the ability to program extensive customization into the cameras, devising advantages that are impossible with video tape.

Incredible New Tools with Digital Video Surveillance

Imagine a robbery scenario. Someone is breaking into a warehouse in which high-tech, highly secret equipment is stored. Detecting the intruder's presence, a digital video camera turns to the sound and begins recording. Based on its pre-existing programming, the camera observes a human picking up a box. Again, based on its programming, the camera immediately begins to broadcast the thief's every move to a PC in the local police station.

With that kind of real-time information, the police can roll cars to the scene, and there is a much greater chance that the thief will be caught before she leaves the warehouse, stolen goods in hand. Sounds great, doesn't it? Imagine the impact this technology can have when the camera detects violence.

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