Digital Voice Recorders

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are many applications for digital voice recorders. They are so small that they can be used to record conversations covertly, but they can also be used for less clandestine activities such as recording a lecture or interview. Depending on how advanced, they can also have multiple functions that can be useful to both covert and open endeavors.

The Many Uses for Digital Voice Recorders

The top-of-the-line digital voice recorders have many additional features besides just straight voice recording. Some of these features include built-in telephone recording devices, programmable record time, alarm clocks, voice-activated recording, FM Radio tuners and mp3 players. These recorders are more expensive, but they can replace the need for additional devices.

When choosing among the many brands of digital voice recorders on the market, you should be aware of the common specifications. This technology is ever evolving, so you want to make sure your choice will not be obsolete in the near future. Most digital recorders have the ability to store, file and sort your recordings on the machine. This is very useful because you can easily retrieve the desired clip amongst many. Some also have a feature that will allow the recorder to interface with a computer using a USB port. This is very useful for transcribing as well as archiving recorded files.

Digital recorders come in a variety of different memory capacities. They range from as little as 10 hours to as much as 90 hours. If you are planning to record a lot and would like to keep the clips on the machine, more memory is better. The more memory a recorder has, the more expensive the machine will be. Therefore, expect to pay between $250-300 for the best recorders.

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