Electronic Bug Detectors

Written by Ivan Gale
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Electronic bug detectors can look like either a walkie-talkie or a pager. This equipment is designed for very serious purposes, and many of them boast some impressive features. At their most basic, electronic bug detectors are designed to search out any wireless audio and video products nearby.

Electronic Bug Detectors can Learn a Lot about the Bugs They Find

Electronic bug detectors are equipped with gauges to determine the strength of the signal they detect. They can typically detect the range from a 1-to-3 gigahertz-strong signal. Some are outfitted with two antennae for more refined bug detection, catching both low and high frequencies

Much of the improved performance among this spy equipment is due to cutting-edge microprocessor circuits. These important tools typically come with a charger and a carrying case. Batteries used for these items can last up to six hours of use, but on standby mode can last 500 hours.

When a signal is picked up, these detectors will respond with a beeping noise. These items as well as phone bug detectors are now being sold over the Internet. These once expensive and hard-to-find items are now much more available to the everyday customer thanks to online commerce.

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