Exit Sign Hidden Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Exit sign hidden cameras are very handy for recording the goings on of people coming and going from your property. When people both familiar and unknown to you plot to steal from you, the last place they think there would be watched is outside an entrance. That's why exit sign hidden cameras have become such efficient tools in the world of wireless surveillance systems.

Exit Sign Hidden Cameras Come in a Variety of Options

Exit sign hidden cameras typically hold one camera and an internal power supply. However, some can be outfitted with several cameras. The number of cameras needed depends on the lay of the land, and the type of job it is needed for. Power supplies and battery packs are usually included.

These spy cameras can take both color and black and white images, sent by wireless signal to a receiver as far as 1,000 feet away for the top systems. Resolution, lux, pixel count, shutter speed, and image sensors all vary with different systems.

A top of the line system can be had for thousands of dollars. More budget conscious consumers, meanwhile can have a decent system for a much more moderate price. Before investing though, it is important to understand the specific task you need filled, and choose the right digital spy cameras accordingly.

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