Gps Tracking Devices

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices employ satellite technology to identify and track the location of a vehicle. There are two kinds of these devices. First, there is the passive tracking device that will log the location data of the vehicle into the device for a certain number of days. Then the information can be downloaded after the fact to see where the vehicle has been.

Second, there is the real time tracking device. This allows the owner to determine the location of a vehicle. The data is sent to a personal commuter that will locate the vehicle on a digital map. This type of tracking device can be controlled remotely from the computer and can be turned on or off without having to approach the unit.

Uses for GPS Tracking Devices

Depending on what the tracking device will be used for, the passive or the real time features may be more appropriate. If the device will be used to track the comings and goings of company vehicles, the passive device may suffice. However, if the device is being used for surveillance, the real time device may be necessary.

The real time tracking devices are the more expensive of the two options. Typically, they will run in excess of $1,000. For that reason, they can be out of the budget of private individuals. For personal use, the passive devices are more affordable. These can be less than $500. They can be used to track the location of family members or your own car if it is borrowed. Getting the information after the fact is usually sufficient in these cases.

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