Hidden Nanny Cams

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Hiding covert video cameras in your home to keep an eye on child care providers has become an increasingly popular trend. The so-called "Nanny Cams" have been featured on a number of talk and hidden camera shows and have been advocated by many child care experts. Of course, in the ideal situation, a nanny cam would never be necessary, but in reality they might save your child's life.

Child abuse at the hands of child care providers has been featured prominently in the media. While the abuse itself may not be a new development, it is certainly coming to more parents' attention. Leaving your child, the most important thing in your life, with someone you don't necessarily know that well can be a worrisome thing. Being able to watch that person interact with the child or children can alleviate some of the anxiety. You should, however, take care in how you use these cameras as you don't want to cause an uncomfortable situation in your home.

When to Use a Hidden Nanny Cam

Most child care providers are good and responsible people who love children and would never hurt them. For that reason, it may not be a good idea to hide a camera in your home if you don't suspect any wrong doing. Doing so could create an atmosphere devoid of trust and alienate a nanny who might be a real asset to your family. A better idea might be to inform the child care provider ahead of time that you intend to use cameras in your home. After all, no one wants to catch someone hurting their child after the fact.

If you do suspect that there maybe some kind of abuse or wrongdoing going on, however, you should definitely hide a camera in your home. At that point, no one should care about hurting a nanny's feelings or eroding their trust. No one's safety is more important to protect than your child's.

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