Hidden Security Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Hidden security cameras are designed to capture images under a variety of conditions including cold and inclement weather. That's why many of these items are extremely tough and durable. That's also why they are able to withstand dramatic fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Hidden Security Cameras Take a Licking and Keep on Ticking

Hidden security cameras have different operating temperatures based on the level of quality you are interested in. They also differ slightly between black and white cameras and color cameras.
Black and white cameras can withstand slightly colder temperatures, but the difference between the two is pretty negligible.

Black and white hidden security cameras can operate in temperatures between minus 10 degrees Farenheit, up to 122 degrees. For color cameras, the operating temperatures are between minus 10 to 104 degrees. When storing your wireless hidden cameras, the temperature and humidity should be between minus 22 degrees to 158 degrees.

Thanks to customer service lines, even shopping on the Internet doesn't mean you are excluded from ever talking to a knowledgeable human being about product specifications. Many web-based retailers have people standing by to answer some of the difficult questions. Issues surrounding picture clarity, recording options, and wireless frequencies can all be just a phone call away.

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