Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Hidden surveillance cameras can take the form of many, many shapes and sizes. That's what makes the world of security cameras so intriguing. You never know what is going to be housing tiny and covert video cameras next.

Today's Hidden Surveillance Cameras Fool even the Most Discerning Eyes

Hidden surveillance cameras can be found in tissue boxes and exit signs. A clock of any size, in any position, can really be a spy cam. Even if you are 1,000 feet away from any building, hidden surveillance cameras could be documenting your every move, beaming the recordings via wireless signal back to a receiver.

One of the most exciting new products available to the public is an essential tool used by police SWAT teams. A remote head fiber scope measures less than half an inch in diameter and can be positioned just about anywhere without being detected. SWAT teams slide this tiny camera under doors to detect if any armed suspects are hiding out.

The camera head is attached by a flexible cable measuring a few feet, and connects to a control unit. These cameras can see in relatively low light, and resolution is also good. The specifications will not be as good as larger cameras, however, as a tradeoff to its incredibly small size.

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