Hidden Video Cameras

Written by Christa Gatewood
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The best kinds of hidden cameras are those that are hidden in everyday objects that don't seem even remotely out of place. The low-tech version of the hidden camera is placing a camcorder in an out of the way place and trying to conceal it in some way. This is probably the worst way to covertly tape something.

These days, there is a variety of different hidden cameras on the market that actually conceal the camera in an ordinary object. These cameras are extremely affordable and easy to use. Therefore, the technology is available to anyone who is interested.

That Teddy Bear Has a Camera in It?

Making sure the camera is undetectable to the naked eye is key for covert operations. There are a bunch of different objects available with cameras concealed within them. The great variety makes it possible to buy a hidden camera that fits into the decor of any room seamlessly. For example, a camera can be in an alarm clock in a bedroom and it would be nearly impossible to identify it. The alarm clock actually functions so no one would suspect its real purpose.

There are cameras available to fit into every room of a home or office. If the camera needs to be in the kitchen, a house plant camera would be hard to detect. If it needs to be in an office, there are computer speaker cameras, clock cameras, smoke detector cameras and others. There are even teddy bear cameras for a child's room. Just be sure to put the bear out of reach or the jig could be up.

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