Miniature Spy Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Miniature spy cameras are used by law enforcement, private eyes, and others when they suspect some malfeasance. Companies in the manufacturing end of covert spy cameras are getting more and more creative in their designs. To them, nothing is sacred, so it's fair to expect just about anything being turned into surveillance spy cameras.

Miniature Spy Cameras are Getting Smaller and Smaller

A prime example among miniature spy cameras is the camera made into an eyeglass case. This tool can be placed into a shirt pocket and record everything that you see without being detected. Both the camera and the transmitter are both housed in the case itself.

Miniature spy cameras like the one in the shape form of eye cases usually come with all the requisite power supplies included. There are several models to choose from, in both color and black and white. A black and white camera usually comes with slightly better resolution than the color models.

The next decision is whether you want a wireless or wired camera. Then, if a wireless camera is the one you want, a choice of wireless signal is offered. Most often the choice comes down to either a 434 MHz transmitter or a 900 MHz transmitter.

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