Outdoor Surveillance Video

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Outdoor surveillance video cameras are in general use in all types of business and personal settings. They can be as simple as a single camera located outside the front door of your home so that you can see who's ringing the bell or as complex as the system used at a major sports stadium. However they are deployed, such outdoor surveillance video systems are designed to provide up-to-the-minute views of activity, normal or suspicious, on a given property.

The cameras are mounted outdoors and can be visible or hidden, depending on the situation. Visible cameras are often used to deter would-be burglars, and their existence is announced by posted signs. Hidden cameras are designed to observe activities and, in some cases, to apprehend suspicious individuals before they are alerted to the possibility of detection.

Security Video Recorder

Many video surveillance systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, but be sure to confirm that yours is rated for outdoors if that's where you plan to use it. These systems can be used with CCTV (closed circuit tv) setups or with Internet surveillance once they are connected to the Internet via modem and DSL or high-speed data. This allows for a local monitoring station or for remote access from anywhere in the world.

Backing up your system with the addition of a digital video recorder (DVR) gives you the ability to capture visual evidence of suspicious activities on your property. Outdoor surveillance video cameras that have remote swivel capabilities are now common in the industry. Whatever system you choose, get a complete list of any monthly charges that you will have to pay. Most companies sell the hardware and charge only for monitoring or Internet access as applicable.

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