Passive Gps Tracking System

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices are becoming more common as the technology improves and becomes more affordable. Many major car companies are including GPS navigation devices in the standard or premium packages of new cars. As the public is becoming increasingly familiar with the technology, the demand for more consumer GPS devices has increased. This is not only true for navigation systems, but also for tracking systems.

Why Passive GPS Tracking Devices?

There are two kinds of GPS tracking devices. There are the passive GPS tracking devices and the real time GPS tracking devices. There is a simple distinction between the two. Passive devices log the movement of a vehicle into the memory of the machine while real time devices transmit the GPS information to a receiver.

There are many uses for passive GPS tracking devices. They can be used to track the movements of a cheating spouse, a suspect in a crime or even a rebellious teenager. Perhaps the most popular usage, however, is in a business setting that employs drivers. Employers can equipment their company car or truck with a tracking device to ensure the drivers are doing their job appropriately.

Interested buyers should look for a few key things before buying a tracking device. These devices should be extremely user friendly and easy to install. Typically they will mount very quickly using an industrial strength magnet. They should be equipped with flash memory, a feature that will protect any information already recorded in the device if the batteries fail or are removed. You should also make sure the device is waterproof, as they are best installed on the undercarriage of a car or truck.

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