Pen Spy Camera

Written by Ivan Gale
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A pen spy camera can be a wicked tool to use with covert surveillance systems. Few items are smaller and attract less suspicion than a little pen. But don't think that the images you get from this are blurry and hazy.

A Pen Spy Camera Can Take Clear Pictures

Rather, a pen spy camera will likely have a tiny, high resolution black & white camera fitted in for clear, illuminating images. Even better, the pen actually works too! Many covert video cameras come attached to wires to receive power and send data, and a pen spy camera also comes in wired or wireless models.

This spy equipment works by transmitting its signal to a receiver. When these special cameras are bought, they come with a receiver to match the signal sent out by the transmitter located in the body of the pen. Also, all of the power supplies and battery packs that are needed also come with the purchase.

A 12-volt battery is usually required for a pen system, which come in color as well as black and white systems. These cameras are not to be scoffed at. With a shutter speed as quick as 1/100,000 of a second and the ability to get good resolution in relatively low light, they have become the darlings of many an spy enthusiast.

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