Real Time Gps Systems

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Global positioning systems use satellite technology to identify the location of a vehicle on the ground. This GPS can either be used within the vehicle to navigate or to track the location of a vehicle from afar. GPS tracking systems have been used by the government and private industries for years. Recently, however, these tracking systems have become increasingly used by average consumers.

Why Real Time GPS Tracking?

There are two kinds of GPS tracking systems. There are real time systems and passive systems. Passive systems can only log the vehicle location information into the unit, whereas real time systems allow the user to identify the vehicle location at a moments notice. This is the type of technology that is used in various security devices for cars. These systems use cellular technology to transmit the location of the vehicle to a PC in the owner's home or office. The exact location of the vehicle is then displayed on a digital map.

There are many possible uses for real time vehicle tracking. Some examples of covert operations where such a device could prove useful include law enforcement surveillance operations, tracking the movements of a spouse suspected of cheating or tracking the location of a teenager out alone. For covert operations, the unit can be powered by a replaceable battery pack. Typically, however, the batteries will not last much longer than 5 days and will have to be replaced.

Real time tracking can also be useful in less covert situations. For example, trucking companies can use this technology to keep track of their fleet. Shipping companies can use real time tracking to keep track of important cargo. Any company that wants to stay in complete control of its vehicles can find this technology useful. Moreover, in personal vehicles, a real time tracking system can be installed as a security measure. The device can be connected to a panic button and immediately activated should the driver be carjacked.

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