Remote Cctv

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you have have closed circuit television video surveillance of your business sites or home, you can now enjoy the ease of remote observation and control. CCTV systems can be connected to the Internet via modem, allowing you to watch from wherever you are, to change your system settings, and to record data on your PC. Instead of worrying about changing tapes, you can save surveillance videos onto discs and then watch them at any time.

Having remote control capabilities opens up a whole new world for business owners and managers. No longer are they forced to go to a site to take a look at employee activities or to make changes to camera angles. And this type of monitoring system can be used by businesses from restaurants to multi-national corporations. Remote CCTV can be especially effective for small businesses in high-risk areas.

Keeping Tabs on the Home Front

Video surveillance is becoming more popular for home use as well, and remote access CCTV can give absent parents real peace of mind. One of the most popular uses for remote CCTV is that of watching child care providers in the home. In many families today, both parents work, and day care centers are not always a good option. Those parents are often faced with leaving their children in the care of strangers, and, while background checks can be helpful, a clean record doesn't necessarily mean that the nanny is reliable.

These parents face the issue of potential theft of personal property, neglect of their children, and worse. Many of them are fearful for their children's safety, especially in light of the publicity surrounding cases in which children have been harmed by child care providers the parents thought were reliable. Covert surveillance video cameras can be a real source of comfort to these parents because it allows them to have remote CCTV access to viewing their homes. This type of peace of mind is so important in today's society that many day care centers are actually offering remote CCTV video observation as one of their services.

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