Residential Outdoor Video Surveillance

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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The most important thing you will ever want to protect is your family. Your family's life is in your home, in photos, and memorabilia, and all the everyday items that tie us together. One of the best ways to protect your family is to install residential outdoor video surveillance.

Your outdoor surveillance can include tiny cameras at each entrance. These days, you never know who's walking up to your front door, and being able to see who it is can give you a measure of confidence that you can't always get from a peephole. With a monitor in your kitchen or den, you can decide before the caller even knows you're home whether you want to open the door.

A Complete Package

Combining residential outdoor video surveillance with a system that allows you to contact law enforcement in just a few seconds can be a lifesaver--literally. You should look for a system that includes outdoor lighting, weatherproof cameras in monochrome or color, and a receiver (such as a VCR or a DVR) to record the images the cameras see. All of the components you need are available right here on the Internet.

You can even find packages that start under $100 for the whole system. Be sure to shop around for a package that will cover all of the areas that concern you such as dark walkways, rear entrances, windows, and, especially, the front door. With wireless cameras, it's relatively easy to do the installation yourself, and you'll have the option of moving the cameras periodically as well.

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