Rf Detectors

Written by Christa Gatewood
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There are a wide variety of RF detectors on the market at a wide price range. RF detectors can identify the presence of radio frequencies that are emitted by covert devices. These devices can be either hidden recorders, microphones or cameras. For those who deal in sensitive information and where privacy is key, these can be very useful.

Types of RF Detectors

Depending on the level of security necessary and what the device needs to detect, RF detectors can be either very expensive or very inexpensive. At the highest end are the counter-surveillance monitors that can detect any and all forms of RF including bugs for the room, phone and body, video transmitters, and telephone recorders. These devices can cost thousands of dollars and require some training to use properly. They are popular among government security and professional sweep teams, but they can be used for private security as well.

On the lower end, there are small RF detectors that can identify hidden cameras. These machines can be the size of a lipstick container and can be used to protect yourself from peeping. Hidden cameras in dressing rooms, tanning salons and bathrooms have become an increasing problem. This device can travel easily in your purse and be used in a moments notice. They can be found for less than $40.

Most RF detectors, however, fall within the $70-300 range. Some of these devices are typically designed to detect a specific category of covert equipment. For example, they might be for detecting hidden cameras or telephone bugging equipment. If you know which of these devices pose the most threat, you can buy an RF detector to find it. To get the most protection, though, you will have to spend more money.

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