Smoke Detector Cameras

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Making sure a hidden camera blends into its surroundings is key to it not being identified. There are a number of different hidden cameras concealed in ordinary objects, but none is more clandestine than the smoke detector camera. Smoke detector cameras are perfect because every room should have a smoke detector in it. This is true for homes and offices, making this a very versatile piece of equipment.

The only problem, though, is that these cameras are non-functional smoke detectors, so they will not protect you or your family in the event of a fire. For that reason, you should be sure to put a functioning smoke detector in an area near the room that is being recorded. Don't replace a real smoke detector with a smoke detector camera without making sure that area is protected from a fire.

The Benefits of a Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke detector cameras are a great choice for covert recording because they have such a wide view of a room. The bird's eye view can survey the whole room to see what is happening. A smoke detector camera can either have a down view or a side view depending on the device and your preference. If they are placed correctly, both cameras can record the majority of the room.

Another advantage to a smoke detector camera is that they are overhead and consequently out of view. Other hidden cameras might be well concealed in other ordinary objects, but sometimes they can attract unwanted attention. For example, a subject that you wish to record might happen to pick up a hidden camera concealed in a teddy bear and notice that there is something strange about it. No one will have accidental contact with a smoke detector.

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