Spy Equipment

Written by Ivan Gale
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Buying and installing spy equipment isn't too difficult from a technical perspective. Still, it has the ability to confound many a new owner of miniature spy cameras. So many questions arise because for many people, this is their first experience dealing in things like megahertz signals, high-precision cameras, and audio equipment.

Spy Equipment isn't Difficult to Install

Some people ask if they purchase a 900 MHz digital wireless camera, will it cause any interference with their 900 MHz cordless phone? The answer to that question is no. That's because these cameras are set to a different bandwidth and frequency.

Other people wonder if spy equipment, like hidden security cameras, come with sound. The answer to that is, not for most models. Some cameras do come with audio, but they are the exception. There are always room recorders if you need to catch sound as well.

Still another question surrounds antennae called Yagi. When it is used with spy equipment for surveillance, the Mini Yagi can increase reception by 100 feet. The regular Yagi antennae, meanwhile, doubles that to 200 feet. All of these and other questions can be answered quickly by calling up the customer service line of one of the many web-based retailers that exist today.

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