Spy Equipment

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When you think of spy equipment, you may think of the covert operations of the government or the high-tech gadgets you see in the movies. Yet spy equipment is available to anyone who has the interest. All of the tricks of the trade can be bought by the average person and employed in any way imaginable.

Hot Spy Equipment for the Average Person

Remember how all of the fun gadgets James Bond had amazed you? Most of those gadgets can be found online for reasonable prices. For example, covert surveillance spy glasses can be found for less than $30. These glasses make it possible for you to see people and things behind you. They look just like ordinary sunglasses and even have UV protection. With these you can definitely watch your back.

There are also a number of voice changers on the market. These simple little devices can be used for serious issues or just for fun. For example, a child could use the voice changer to make his/her voice sound older so that strangers don't know that a child is home alone. For fun, you could use it to play tricks on your friends and family.

Miniature cameras are some of the most popular spy equipment on the market. These tiny cameras are no bigger than a quarter. The lens itself is the size of the head of a pin. They can be hidden in virtually any location for covert recording and easily connect to a television, VCR or digital video recorder. These cameras can be used to protect people and personal property, or simply to spy on your big brother.

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