Spy Recorders

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Spy recorders can be used either for recording conversations in the room or on the phone. Just as all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares, phone conversation recorders are typically in-room recorders, but the converse is not true. Therefore, if you are looking for a telephone recorder, you have to make sure the recorder has that feature included.

Types of Spy Recorders

There are two types of spy recorders. They can either be digital or analog. Analog machines use cassette tapes. The digital recorders are more expensive and have better storage and quality. Digital recorders can hold as much as 90 hours of recordings, on a great machine. The most a tape recorder will hold is 8 hours of recordings. This should be taken into consideration when buying a recorder.

Additionally, tape recorders can make more noise than digital recorders. Because a tape is physically being run while it records, there can be machine noise. The more expensive recorders don't have this problem. Still, it is something that should be considered when you are trying to record an in-room conversation covertly.

Digital recorders are also a lot smaller than tape recorders. This is particularly important if the recorder is to be hidden in a room or on a person. Even the mini tape recorders seem bulky when compared to the digital recorders. Some may argue that tape recorders produce a physical record of a conversation that can be copied and handled. This is true, but data from digital recorders can be download onto a computer and copied onto a disk or CD. It's clear that digital recorders can be more useful machines, but if you are more comfortable with tape technology, the spy tape recorders are very suitable machines and are definitely the more economical choice of the two.

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