Surveillance Cameras

Written by Christa Gatewood
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When you think of surveillance cameras you usually think of the large bulky cameras that are bolted to the ceilings of convenience stores and banks. These are the traditional surveillance cameras and they provide two very important services. First, because they are so obvious and are placed in plain sight, they can serve as a deterrent to crime. Second, they record any crime that does take place, providing valuable evidence for law enforcement.

Non-Traditional Surveillance Cameras

Traditional bulky cameras, however, are not the only surveillance cameras available. Some surveillance cameras are smaller and more streamline. They can fit easily into a modern decor or blend more attractively into any surroundings. Surveillance cameras can also be hidden cameras, body worn cameras or covert cameras hidden in portable objects like a cell phone.

Using a hidden surveillance camera can have several benefits. For example, sometimes when a criminal can see a surveillance camera they will purposefully avoid its gaze or obscure their identity in some way. This negates the purpose of a surveillance camera. If the camera is hidden, though, the criminal will not know where to hide.

Having a camera in a small portable device or wearing one on your person can also be very useful. Objects like pens and cell phones attract little attention and can be discreetly stored. These cameras are perfect for law enforcement in a sting operation. When it is impossible to install a camera ahead of time, the only other option is to bring it with you.

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