Surveillance Spy Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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Surveillance spy cameras can be purchased as either wired or wireless. For wired covert surveillance cameras, a cable is needed to connect to a TV or VCR. The type of cable needed is RCA cable, and they can be purchased in lengths as great as 150 feet.

High-End Surveillance Spy Cameras Need High-End Accessories

Once you decide to delve into the market for surveillance spy cameras, read up on resolution and picture quality. In this game, the lowest common denominator wins. That means if you have a great camera, a good monitor, but a junk recorder, the picture quality will suffer and only put out at the level of the recorder.

In the product descriptions for surveillance spy cameras, the resolution is described by lines, as in 300-line resolution, 400-line resolution, and 500-line resolution. Obvsiouly, the more lines the better, for more lines can hold more pixels and therefore create a much clearer picture.

All of this is critical. Resolution could make the difference between seeing one of your employees stealing a few boxes of candy from the back room, and recognizing a specific employee making the grab. Hidden cameras can do a lot to end worrying and fear that one is being robbed, but don't rush your education in picture quality.

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