Tissue Box Hidden Cameras

Written by Ivan Gale
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The makers of tissue box hidden cameras deserve a little pat on the back. Few examples of covert wireless cameras seem so innocuous, so innocent, as tissue box hidden cameras. The good news is that they are just one of many ingenious inventions that are tickling the fancy of many professional and amateur detectives alike.

Tissue Box Hidden Cameras Have the Advantage of Surprise

As the name suggests these hidden video cameras are fitted into a real, working tissue box. They can be positioned just about anywhere to protect your belonging from theft. Both friends and foes that think they are alone will be sorely surprised if they dare steal in the presence of tissue box hidden cameras.

The setup works by splitting the box in two. The top half is just an empty space with which to fill up with tissues. Down below sits the camera, along with batteries and a transmitter. Some of these models have some of the best specifications available among spy gear.

A high power version allows for greatly increased range, while the low light version can operate in near darkness. These wonderful little products can be purchased online. Some websites even ship for free with purchase of a camera, making it an attractive option.

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