Video Surveillance Depot

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are now being used in a wide variety of venues to protect persons and property. As part of a complete video surveillance system that includes closed circuit television (CCTV), digital video recorders can provide concrete visual evidence of suspicious or illegal activity and can assist in apprehending criminals or trespassers. As technology improves, the prices of these systems have come within reach of many businesses and have now come into the home market as well.

Video Surveillance Depot Equipment

Video surveillance equipment is available on the Internet from dozens of vendors. Systems can consist of a single camera, a configuration that monitors 25 patients at a hospital, or banks of monitors that keep track of the activities in a huge high rise. Whatever your particular needs, there is a system that will be able to handle them.

One good thing about shopping for video surveillance systems and equipment is that you can usually get everything you need at one site. In addition, you will get a consultant who will study your specific situation and design a system to give you the best possible solution to your surveillance problems. You will generally buy the equipment itself (the hardware).

New Construction

Some builders are now including CCTV capabilities in the construction of new homes and bringing it into a whole new market. It is not uncommon for homes in upscale neighborhoods to have remote cameras at front and back doors or near a pool. Knowing who's trying to get in can be a real lifesaver as can having the ability to watch the kids while they're swimming.

Complete CCTV systems used in conjunction with lighting are an integral part of newer apartment buildings, high rises, and hotels. There is usually a guard posted to watch the monitors while other guards patrol the floors and grounds. The guard in the monitor room can alert the others to check out suspicious activities before they become problems. In some cases, these systems have the added value of DVR backup, sometimes in 24-hour cycles.

CCTV and You

If you own a business where valuable inventory is stored or where the public has access, you might want to look into a surveillance system that includes CCTV and DVR. CCTV can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing who is coming onto your premises and whether they represent any danger to your employees or your property.

There are systems out there that scan multiple sites and can display the activity at those sites on a single monitor, changing the view every few seconds or displaying several sites at once. That means that a night dispatcher, for example, can keep an eye on all the activity in critical places virtually at once. This kind of system can be extremely effective for small businesses.

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